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AVC100 – Audio Conference System

AVC 100 Series System Benefits

  • Plug and Play System.
  • Up to 60 units can be attached to a single Central unit.
  • System expandable to 255 units by connection of up to 6 system extender.
  • 6 different discussion modes for selection to suit the meeting requirement.
  • LCD display for unit’s status and volume controls.
  • Handphone output jack.


AVC , a growing name in the conference System, proudly introduces CC100, basic classic model but embedded with features surpassing other makes of its class. Its friendly, plug and play setup making it suitable whatever a change of venue required. With AVC Conference System , you shall be assured of meeting the decision in discussions.


  • CU100 – Central Unit
  • CE100 – Data Extender Unit
  • CM100 – Chairman Unit
  • DM100 – Delegate Unit



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