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CH700 – 20 / 30 / 40W 100V Line column speakers

The classic version of CH700 Series comprises of 2 ratings ; 20 and 40W 100V Line has been a rugged performer for decades and are still serving the PA needs, for its clarity.

Full Range / Column Speakers

With appetite for better sound reproduction of near hi fi quality?. We have full range speakers with 100V line inputs for commercial installations.

Column speakers shall suit installations for places such as classrooms, corridors, halls etc.


Full range music speakers of FS series are suitable for commercial installations with 100V audio lines. Though they may not be comparable with specific purpose hi fi speakers, they nevertheless produces sound quality that is pleasant for music listening as well for EVAC announcement.

Column speakers are available with multiple range of power ratings, from 10W to 80W 100V. They are fine tuned to provide audio clarity especially in mid frequencies of human voices.


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