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DA2208 Audio Distribution Amplifier

DA2208 is used when a single signal is to be distributed to a substantial quantity of amplifiers, to avoid original signal distortions due to impedance drops. In rule of thumb, 6 to 8 links shall be the maximum quantity.

​It has individual channel bass, treble and volume controls, making it easy to control specific amplifier output for designated zone. In normal mode, it is a dual 1 input to 4 outputs but can be linked to serve 1 in 8 outputs.

Mixer and Audio Distributor

Audio mixer designed for PA application and signal distributor for better control of audio flow.


Items under this category are pre-amplifier mixer and audio distribution amplifier, mini amplifier for small area applications, mixing amplifiers, conventional power amplifiers as well as multi channel Class D amplifiers.

New high performance Class D single channel class D amplifiers and subsequently IP Amplifier series to fulfill the growing needs for full LAN based PA applications.

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