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HS820 / HS822 – 15/30W 100V ABS Horn Speakers

ABS versions of rectangular horn speakers are available in 2 models with 15W and 30W ratings. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications with IP65 rating.

​They provide wider frequency range as compared to metal version, with more directional sound dispersion.

Projection / Horn Speakers

We offers range of classic horn speakers from short to long throw to clear and more directional sound dispersion to suit the installation areas.

​Among applications includes car parks, mosques, gardens, warehouses etc.


When there is a need for louder voice announcement, or longer distance throw such as for mosques, siren or wide /open area emergency alert, horn speakers shall be the correct choice of sounders. Various models to suit different applications are available, ranging for voice only to more demanding usage that is to incorporate music in the broadcast.


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