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iPX5101 Ethernet Paging Server

iPX5101 is the network controller of connected IP devices to the LAN system. All traffices and communications are regulated and monitored such as priority access, logging and streaming. This latest version allows both Multicast and Unicast streaming by clients.

Initial settings of overall IP system starts from iPX5101 via its friendly browser. Only a single controller is required for whole system.

With constant upgrades, iPX5101’s firmware can be easily updated, making it more powerful and able to cater for any future functions.

IP Based PA Solutions (Ethernet Paging System)

Amperes IP Based PA System has much to offer with its advanced architecture providing flexibility of applications with only a fraction of costs as compared to other brands.

​It is suitable for decentralized systems where multiple racks of different buildings are to be linked via LAN, such as office complexes, resorts, airports etc.


With growing momentum in the application of IP in PA System, Amperes has invested heavily building the related components to be at par with other major players.

​Advantages of using IP are aplenty particularly in large scale installations linking multiple sub racks in overall system and allowing provisions for future expansions without major overhaul of existing installations.


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