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iPX5155 Ethernet Paging / BGM Client

iPX5155 is a BGM / Paging client to be used in Amperes IP network system. It receives BGM audio transmission via IP from either PMX LAN software or iPX5200 Music Server and the audio out is sent to amplifier. At instance when a paging is made to this client, the BGM shall be muted to allow paging message to bypass the BGM. The music would resume once the paging is deactivated. However, any emergency paging from iEP or EP shall have highest priority over BGM and normal paging.

It has been improved with low latency transmission and higher audio quality streaming, suitable for high fidelity audio, capable of streaming of up to 320 kbps MP3 file. User shall have choice in selecting the streaming bit rate and has 5 band equalizer.


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