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Multi Channel Class D Amplifiers

Amperes’s new Class D compact multi channel amplifiers are the latest additions to the power amplifier series, available in 2 x 240W (DP2240) , 2 x 500W (DP2500) and 4 x 240W (DP4240) 100V line. With its transformer-less 1 hu, it takes up less space in the rack while able to deliver the required power to the whole system.

​With its high efficiency Class D circuitry, it is not only has high power efficiency but has wider frequency response, thus able to deliver the music reproduction to most desired hearing. Amperes DP Amps are equipped with various protections such as overload clipping, short circuit and thermal overload.

DP2240 / 2500 / 4240

Multi Channel Class D Amplifiers


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