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MX2222 Pre Amplifier Mixer


MX2222 is a compact pre-amplifier designed for PA System application. It has 12 inputs in total with mic / line options and has priority inputs for channel 1 to 2, Line / Chime inputs. The muting for these priority channels can be adjusted manually.​

​The dual outputs is suitable for uninterrupted paging setup, with one output as mixed signals and the other solely for BGM output.

With its adjustable muting feature, MX2222 can be turned into normal mixer, suitable for use in meeting rooms, small hall, etc.


Mixer and Audio Distributor

Audio mixer designed for PA application and signal distributor for better control of audio flow.


Items under this category are pre-amplifier mixer and audio distribution amplifier, mini amplifier for small area applications, mixing amplifiers, conventional power amplifiers as well as multi channel Class D amplifiers.

New high performance Class D single channel class D amplifiers and subsequently IP Amplifier series to fulfill the growing needs for full LAN based PA applications.

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