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MxP2288 – 12 x 8 Matrix Controller with LAN interface

This 3rd Generation MxP2288 Matrix Controller comes with many new features, improved performance and made installation easier and flexible with lesser components required for a powerful system.

With its 12 inputs, they can be cascaded to form up to 128 output zones and the cascading works has been made simpler. Controls can be performed at front button or easier way is to link the unit to LAN or WIFI to enable controls via smartphone, tablet or from the desktop PC.

Remote control panel RP1104, now is built with LCD touch screen with vivid colour rendering to enhance the installation. Any PD series of paging mic is compatible to communicate with the controller for zone paging.

​Another unique and important identity is its fail safe feature which would still allow emergency paging via EP1200 panel if the unit fails digitally or unintentionally shut down.

​MxP2288 is suitable for small to medium scale installations such as high end residential, hotels, restaurants, club house, etc.


Matrix system allows the user with flexibility of routing desired input source to the destination with ease. The applications includes restaurants, hotels, offices and other larger venues such as theme parks, airports, bus terminals etc.

​It is also a device for uninterrupted paging setup, where paging on certain zones would not affect the BGM being broadcasted to another zones.

​Amperes’s MxP2288 MatriMix System, which is currently the 3 rd generation of Matrix considers all aspects required for a truly user friendly product and comes with safety features too, such as device failure emergency paging bypass.


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