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PD2800 – Digital Paging Microphone

PD2800 is capable for paging of up to 256 zones, with programmable groupings of up to 9 groups. Each group can combine up to 12 zones. Priority setting of mic unit is possible with up to 9 priority levels.

Both models comes with 4 tones pre and post paging chimes and can directly connect to TD6240 zone decoder or TD6080 zone decoder/ selectors. For longer distance, usage of 2 pair screen cable is recommended and powering and interfacing shall utilize EX2208 External Connector unit which is provided in the package.

Both models offers a cost effective solution for mid to large scale installations and is compatible with MxP2288 as well as TD series of zone decoders and IP clients.

PD2000 Series of digital paging mic comprises of 2 models :

PD2400 : 24 zone digital paging mic

PD2800 : Numerical digital paging mic with LCD display


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