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PMX II (standalone)

Music Server Software (with PMX6500 interface)


PMX II software, installed in PC would serve as a system consisting of Music Player, Music Storage, Programmable Timer and Scheduler, Message Player and Paging Station. It shall be used alongside a dongle which is also an audio and data interface unit.

With combination with other related products, such as zone decoder, paging microphones and emergency paging mic, it shall detect any priority paging in progress, rendering this software as part of the overall paging setup.

Install this software to Integrated Touch Screen PC, it would enhance further your overall PA Setup.


Introduction  to PMX Music Server

Two versions of software packages are available, PMX II Standalone and PMX LAN for interfacing with Amperes IP products.

The PMX music server software are primarily being used for replacement of hardware such as Message player, program timer, paging station and music source. PMX LAN version has additional features for monitoring and controlling external devices such as QP series of power amplifiers, AX3800 monitoring, etc.


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