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TD6240 – 24 Ch Zone Speaker Zone Decoder

Amperes TD6240 is 24 channel zone decoder meant for Amperes PD series of paging microphones, decoding the data for switching of zone selectors. They can be stacked for larger setup of up to 192 zones.

​Zone triggering with ZS zone selectors are through Cat 5e cables provided.  Each TD6240 has 3 circuits for PD connections, and with each circuit, multiple paging console can be looped, enable multi point paging system.

Speaker zone decoder / selector

Installed speakers may be divided into several zones or for larger installations, they may reach over hundreds. Being the earliest product being produced, Amperes is no doubt has the most matured technology in this area, offering product stability and reliability for satisfactory usage over the years.


Included in this section are paging mic zone decoders, several versions of zone selectors including uninterrupted paging zone decoders, integrated zone decoder / selectors and source selector. They are used to decode data from paging mic and activate the selected zone for paging broadcast.


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