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VP7501 – Local Speaker Patch Panel

To utilize the speakers in a localized area such as meeting room, retail unit or restaurants, a patch panel shall be required to allow local amplifier to power up the speakers.

​This however would still allow emergency broadcast to override the local music / paging source when required.

​VP7501 is 50W in rating comes with standard 86 x 86 mm face plate. American version of 70 x 120 mm is available upon request.

Volume Controller / Patch Panel

When there is a need to control the volume of speakers, a volume controller shall be required, either at localized area or from the rack. Often a group of speakers at a localized area such as meeting room or function room shall need volume controller and also local music source, independently from the main feed, but would require a bypass in case of emergency broadcast. Amperes has all the parts to achieve this ..


Various ratings of speaker volume controllers are available to choose from and speaker patch is available for patching local source to a localized speakers while allowing central paging overriding signal. They had been serving well for the past decade.

​PR7400 allows central paging to override a local source, without the availability of 24V DC overriding signal. Please click to read further of what it can offer.


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