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Solutions we offer

For every segment of market, simple and basic to more sophisticated and demanding high profile installations,

we shall always have something for your needs

like some


School paging system Digital or IP based Paging System with scheduled BELL/ music playing system.

Hotels / Apartments

EVAC and TV audio to bathroom speakers or BGM / Matrix System for selective audio to selective zones/areas.

EVAC System

Be it simple Emergency paging or EN54 standards we got them, such as zone decoder, zone selector, siren unit, EVAC voice message player, etc. The most critical application is to perform phased evacuation / broadcast in accordance to the requirement of EN54.


Announcement / Paging systems or repetitive Promotion message playing with BGM system.

Existing System upgrade

You can upgrade our existing old systems to new IP based PA system by adding fewer IP units with minimal cost.

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